About The Dubai Business Directory


Who this website is for?

If you have a business in Dubai, then this website is definitely for you! You will find a business listing for every major company in Dubai.

If you are specifically looking for reviews of businesses in Dubai, you are also in the right place!

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Who runs The Dubai Business Directory?

This website is owned and run by local entrepreneurs Chris Scott and Josephine Finzi who between them, they have over forty years of digital/print marketing experience.

Chris – also runs top SEO agencies Brand That Name Limited in the UK and Brand That Name FZ-LLC in the UAE. He has over ten years of experience of ranking business websites on the first page of Google across the UK, UAE and most of the Middle East.

Josephine – has been working in media since 1976. As part of the launch team of the Khaleej Times daily, she arrived in Dubai in 1978, and founded Creative Workshop in 1979. Personally launched and wholly owned publications include the Gulf Oilfield Directory, UAE Freight Directory, Fujairah Port handbook, Ras Al Khaimah Port handbook, Contractors News and Aquarius Magazine. She is very excited to be helping develop this new directory portal.


What Is a Business Directory?

On the internet, there are two ways of finding local businesses: By searching or browsing.

Web directories like The Dubai Business Directory, provide links in a structured list to make browsing easier. Most web directories combine searching and browsing, by providing a search engine to search the directory. Unlike search engines, which base results on a database of entries gathered automatically by web crawler, most web directories are built manually by human editors.

Entries on The Dubai Business Directory may be listed for free, or by paid submission (meaning the site owner must pay to have their business website listed).

Why list your Business on The Dubai Business Directory?

The Dubai Business Directory is unlike other business directory’s in Dubai, because it is actually run by one of Dubai’s top SEO companies. This means that listings for businesses on here will show up on the first page of Google for not just brand searches but also business review searches.

This has the potential to generate a lot more Website Traffic, Leads and Sales to your business!

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