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    Prof Dr Robert Hierner is one of the most distinguished Plastic Surgeons in Dubai, with an outstanding international reputation. Born in Germany, he completed his certifications, specialisations, fellowships, and practice in various parts of the UK, the US, Belgium, and Germany, before settling in Dubai. Currently, he is practising as an exclusive Bari-plastic surgeon at the Saudi German Hospital.

    Body Contouring Dubai

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    Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic - 25 B Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Prof Dr. Robert Hierner works proactively as a Hand Surgeon in Dubai and Plastic Surgeon in Dubai. He has more than 30 years of experience in performing hand surgery in Dubai & body contouring in Dubai.
    Currently, he is practicing as an exclusive hand surgeon & plastic surgeon in Dubai at the Saudi German Hospital.
    Prof Dr. Robert offers a wide range of services at the highest level, such as carpel tunnel syndrome in Dubai, hand tumor surgery in Dubai, hand rejuvenation in Dubai, and is best known as a rheumatoid arthritis doctor in Dubai. Consult him for treatment of conditions in the hand area.

    In order to stay up to date, continuous training is absolutely necessary.
    Prof. Hierner is in constant contact with other pioneers of bariplastic surgery, including on-site internships.
    He also regularly takes part in specialist congresses.

    Procedures per body region for
    Body Shaping Dubai
    Significantly excess skin and residual fat tissues can only be treated by surgical removal of fat and skin tissue (Dermolipectomy).

    Liposuction plays a minor role in tissue mobilisation, preparing tissue resection (tissue separation technique according to PASCAL), and “fine-tuning” the body shape.

    The restoration in the different parts can be done one after the other (6 – 12 months apart) or partially at the same time, as part of combination treatments (lower body lift, upper body lift, restoration in the abdominal and upper arm area, and restoration in the chest and thigh area).

    Not everyone needs a body lift or body contouring after weight loss surgery. However, when you gain a lot of weight, your skin gradually stretches. If you lose that weight, your skin may not be elastic enough to bounce back. This results in extra folds of skin that will not improve with exercise or non-surgical treatment.

    Post-bariatric body contouring may be an option for you if you are dealing with problems related to excess skin, such as:

    • Challenges with personal hygiene
    • Sores, rashes, or skin infection
    • Issues with self-confidence and body image
    • Difficulties with excess skin getting in the way of movement and exercise
    • Trouble finding clothes that fit properly

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