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Akkad Pest Control stands out for its wide range of pest control services, innovative and safe treatment methods, specialized solutions, focus on customer satisfaction.

    Zak Tamimi
    July 07, 2024

    I was thoroughly impressed with the service, especially by their employee Sher. He was extremely professional. Sher took the time to explain the process and answered all my questions patiently. Thanks to his expertise, our pest issue was resolved quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Akkad Pest Control and would definitely request Sher for any future needs. Excellent service!

    José Coelho
    July 16, 2024

    What a scam! They came for bed bugs and confirmed 6-months warranty. Sent them their own invoice to proof it was bed bugs. When I called after two weeks to exercise the warranty, it took me three calls for them to believe it was a bed bug issue and they want to charge me full price again. There are other companies in the market, you don’t need to give your business to such untrustworthy businesses!

    abdullah abdulmotaleb
    May 23, 2024

    I couldn’t be happier with the service from Akkad pest control person, Sher! Right from the start, Sher was super professional and knew exactly what he was doing. He took the time to check out our entire home, and explained everything in an easy way. Plus, he was really friendly and patient with all our questions, which made us feel like we were in good hands. I highly recommend Akkad to anyone in need.

    May 09, 2024

    Excellent work done by MR. SHER at Our office MJ ENTERPRISES FZCO. He was very professional and listened to our concerns. He was very good knowledgeable about the past control and did an amazing job & I would highly recommend AKKAD PEST CONTROL.

    Lauren Andersen-Risager
    June 02, 2024

    The company were very professional and even though I had a small issue initially they did everything they could to resolve it. The technician Sher was so nice and extremely helpful! He even offered to help me move things for myself and my baby. Would definitely recommend, thank you!


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    Akkad Pest Control Services - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    Pest Control Services
    Akkad Pest Control, a prominent pest management company, offers a wide range of services to tackle various pest issues in Dubai, Sharjah, and surrounding areas. Their expertise covers the control of bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, rodents, ants, and more. They are particularly known for their effective bed bug treatments, ensuring these persistent pests are thoroughly eradicated from homes and businesses.

    Innovative Treatment Methods
    Akkad Pest Control employs a variety of innovative treatment methods to ensure effective pest eradication and control. These include gel treatments, which are long-lasting and safe for indoor use, and spray treatments for outdoor applications. They also use ant granules and bait stations, which are effective for long-term pest control. All their methods prioritize safety for both pets and children, making them a reliable choice for residential pest control.

    Specialized Services
    The company offers specialized services for different types of pests, including unique solutions for termite control. Their termite treatment includes a three-step process involving inspection, implementation, and monitoring, ensuring comprehensive termite eradication. Additionally, they provide valuable information on natural methods to control common pests like cockroaches and ants, empowering customers with knowledge for preventive measures.

    Customer-Centric Approach
    Akkad Pest Control is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering services seven days a week and providing a money-back guarantee for each service. This customer-centric approach is reflected in their commitment to safety, especially for vulnerable groups like pregnant women, and their focus on educating customers about pest control.

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