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CARE Auto Repair Services in Dubai offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for car repair and maintenance.

    Abror Husanov
    November 02, 2023

    Did my first service for new car and randomly found this garage on the map, very friendly guys with experienced skills, I am satisfied with work they did and price as well. Very clean place btw, surprisingly for garages 🏁

    Adib Dorra
    May 23, 2023

    It's the one and only place to go when you need a fix to your ride. For the first time I see this cleanliness in a car workshop, it's super neat and clean, well organized, and one-stop shop. Service is excellent, you get a really good diagnosis for the problem, and staff are very well trained for that. Chapeau bas guys, way to go.

    Tracy patrick
    September 14, 2023

    Amazing Garage, very trustworthy. Toni has explained all that she needs doing with my car. Split the work to be important to can wait a little while, so it was affordable for me to get fixed. Absolutely amazing service highly recommend this garage. Being a lady, I felt in very good hands and great price.

    Jesusita Acevedo
    February 20, 2024

    My car got impounded. They sent me on a mission first, they sent me to the sheriff station to get a release form where I had to pay money. Then I went to the sheriff's who sent me to go get the registration which was locked inside of the car that was told at this 8 care auto center repair shop. Then once I did get to the proper placebecause the one they have on. Their website is 116 to East walnut. Pasadena, but where the car was at was 1552 fishburn, Los Angeles, CA 90063 once I got there. I couldn't use my credit card because it was under my daughter's name. The car that was impounded. And I had my license and I had proper documentation to show that I was the actual cardholderhe refused and said, I would either need cash or I would have to go to the sheriff's department and get the car put in my name which is little ridiculous considering the cars under my daughter's. Name and the sheriff's not going to change the titleso I had to go drive around looking for a bank in the pouring rain. I just lost my mom, I didn't need the extra stress. Nobody notified me that the car had been towed. So the car's been in there a so the car now casked more than a $1200 to get out of the in pound. He was not a very nice person. I explained my plight. I understand that he doesn't work on sympathy. But you can't use your credit card and you're there whether it be another person's car or not. If you're the one paying for it and you're there with a valid form of ID to identify yourself. Are we not in America or did I lose my mind somewhere?

    Daniil Shapovalov
    November 25, 2023

    Thanks to Care Auto Repair for the fast and quality service. When my car unexpectedly broke down on the road I didn’t know what to do. I immediately called to one friend of mine and he suggested your workshop. And he was right, you guys did a professional repair of a thermostat and fan module. And on the next day I got my car. When I opened the hood I’ve been surprised how everything is clean there. You are professionals of your field. Will do full check up and oil change at your workshop next time!

    Care Auto Repair Services

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    CARE Auto Repair Services - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    CARE Auto Repair Services, operating in Dubai, is a professional mobile auto repair service that provides doorstep repair and maintenance for new and used vehicles of various car manufacturers. Established with a commitment to convenience and quality, CARE Auto Repair Services offers a range of services, ensuring your vehicle is always in top condition.

    Wide Range of Services
    CARE Auto Repair Services offers a comprehensive list of services:
    Used Car Inspection: Specializing in pre-purchase inspections to ensure the quality and safety of used cars.
    Complete Computer Diagnostics: Utilizing the latest devices for accurate vehicle diagnostics.
    Engine and Transmission Repair: Expert services for engine and transmission issues.
    Tyre Services and Batteries: Providing tire services and battery maintenance.
    Lubes Changing: Essential oil and lubricant changes for optimal vehicle performance.

    Why Choose CARE Auto Repair Services
    Specialized Technicians: Skilled in various aspects of car repair, including pre-purchase inspections and diagnostics.
    Convenience: Offering doorstep services for ease and efficiency.
    Comprehensive Reports: Providing detailed reports to indicate the real condition and value of the car.

    Additional Services and Advantages
    Boosting and Replacing Car Battery: Ensuring your car’s battery is in peak condition.
    Transmission Repair/Replacement and Brakes Service: Comprehensive services for transmission and brake systems.
    Auto Maintenance FAQs: Addressing common questions and concerns about car maintenance and repair.

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