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Dr. Vasu Kumar is a leading retina specialist in Dubai, offering exceptional eye care services.

    Sanjay Deotale
    February 26, 2024

    Recently , I underwent a cataract surgery ( Microincision cataract surgery) under Dr Vasu Kumar at NMC Royal Hospital DIP . The surgery was successful and I could recover 100% of my right eye vision . Thank you Dr Vasu for your support during surgery and post procedure treatment . Dr Vasu Kumar is a thorough professional ,a specialist in his field and above all a very good person . I would strongly recommend Dr Vasu Kumar to anyone with similar condition and treatment .

    Virginia Jeker
    January 06, 2024

    A Treasure of an Ophthalmologist - Dr Vasu Kumar Dr. Vasu is at NMC hospital I have seen him for a few years and am so pleased with how thorough he is and how he takes the time to explain everything. I had a serious eye injury some years back and have to be very careful with my situation. I've had many good ophthalmologists over the years and in different countries. I have full confidence and trust in Dr. Vasu. If you need a good one - he's your person

    Peter Cherry
    October 26, 2023

    I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional care I received from Dr. Vasu Kumar at NMC Royal Hospital. My journey with Dr. Vasu Kumar began when I faced the daunting challenge of retinal detachment, jeopardizing the vision in my left eye. With unwavering professionalism and expertise, he promptly performed the necessary surgery, leading to a remarkable recovery that exceeded all expectations. The fears I had about losing my eyesight and the surgery itself were quickly alleviated by the seamless and comfortable experience, including the exceptional aftercare provided by Dr. Vasu Kumar. He went above and beyond to address my concerns and even assisted in navigating challenges with my insurance provider. During my recovery process, I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the clarity of vision in my other eye. Dr. Vasu Kumar conducted a thorough examination and identified a common issue that can occur after cataract surgery: a build-up of film on the lens. Remarkably, I had undergone cataract surgery four years earlier without this concern. Dr. Vasu Kumar suggested a simple laser procedure to remove the film. The results were nothing short of astonishing. While I was informed that my vision would gradually improve over a few days, the difference was incredibly noticeable within hours. I had underestimated the impact this issue had on my overall vision. I cannot thank Dr. Vasu Kumar enough for his remarkable expertise and the life-changing impact he has had on my vision. His dedication to his patients is truly outstanding.

    Kishorkumar Naidu
    October 24, 2023

    Having been recommended by an Eye Specialist from another Clinic, we walked into Dr Vasu Kumar's Ophthalmology facility at NMC Royal at DIP, with a serious diabetic Retinopathy condition. From the start of investigation Dr.Vasu Kumar was so attentive kind encouraging and gave a great sense of confidence which played a pivotal role in improving the morale of the patient. His methodical diagnosis followed by step by step approach ensured Perfect Retinopathy cure which ensured near perfect regaining of vision. Dr Vasu Kumar indeed is a thorough professional and a gifted Retinopathy specialist, but what makes him a class apart is his cool manners kind interaction humane approach and a genuine concern. We feel eternally thankful to him and his support team, as everything flows from the top as they say... We would strongly recommend Dr Vasu Kumar to anyone with similar Diabetic Retinopathy conditions. Kishore Kumar On behalf of Mrs Sheela Kishore Kumar The Gardens, Jebel Ali Dubai UAE.

    Pedram Dehghani
    October 28, 2023

    I would like to take a moment and highly recommend ophthalmology department in NMC Royal Hospital DIP, specialty Dr. Vasu Kumar for any ophthalmology needs. I went to him with being almost fully blind in one eye and he was able to provide excellent care and surgical plan for my retinal detachment surgery and now nearly a year later I am confident that my eye sight is better than it would have been otherwise without him. I highly recommend Dr. Vasu and the ophthalmology department at NMC Royal Hospital DIP.

    Dr Vasu Kumar

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    Dr. Vasu Kumar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Best Eye Surgery Clinic In UAE


    Dr. Vasu Kumar Garg is a renowned retina specialist based in Dubai, offering world-class eye care services. With qualifications including MBBS, MS, DNB, FACS (Fellow American College of Surgeons), FICO (UK), and FAICO (Vitreoretina), Dr. Kumar leads the Ophthalmology Department at NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, Dubai. His expertise and commitment to vision care make him one of the best Indian eye specialists in the region.

    Specialized Retina Care Services
    Dr. Kumar specializes in comprehensive retina care, providing expert solutions for various vision-related issues. His services are designed to address complex retinal conditions, ensuring patients receive the best possible care for their specific needs.ย The NMC Royal Hospital, where Dr. Kumar practices, is equipped with advanced medical technologies and facilities. This enables him to offer cutting-edge treatments and procedures in a comfortable and safe environment.

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