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    Shaikha Ahmed
    June 07, 2024

    I’m very glad and thankful to have Lyn as my technician at the clinic, she was very caring and considerate during my treatments. I’ve followed her instructions for the Hydrofacial and I got compliments on my skin, I can feel and see the difference as well ☺️

    Jamila Sinlao
    April 19, 2024

    I go to Euromed Clinic as i have 2pm appointment with Dr Afnan for Hydrafacial. The clinic is very clean and staffs are very accommodating. They offer me a coffee or water. Then i met Dr. Afnan, she explain to me the procedure. First she cleanse & exfoliate my face to open my pores & remove any make up, dirt, dead skin. Then the peeling process to removes blackheads. Then using the vortex extraction tool, it acts a vacuum cleaner on the skin, removing dead skin cells, blackheads and other debris. Next is the treatment which is customize on every client's skin concern. Lastly is the Serum Application, using the vortex fusion tool, which infuses antioxidant & collagen to boost eleasticity and hydration of the skin. I also received a complimentary LED facial mask session using the Red LED light to stimulate my collagen. My Overall Experience was so amazing and satisfying. I can see that my face becomes smooth, glowing and less visibility of my fine lines. I also got 3 skincare to use at home. Highly Recommended!

    Alexandra Vackenfeldt
    April 20, 2024

    Went for hair laser removal once, and at the same time I asked what kind of treatment I need for a scar I have. I got informed that I needed a pico treatment for 500aed, and I could come back next week to do the treatment because now I’m too tanned. I came back, and they said again I’m too tanned and should come back after 2 weeks. I got a bit annoyed that I got misinformed first time because I don’t live close to the clinic. But after a few weeks I came back to do the treatment and they charged me 800aed. I got confused since they had told me 500aed, but she said that “it’s if you buy 2 sessions, you will get a package of 1000aed”. I was never informed I needed multiple sessions. After 10 days I gave the feedback that I see zero difference, and first the clinic didn’t respond to my feedback for days. And then they said I needed more sessions, and lied about informing me about needing more sessions. If I actually was informed I would’ve just paid those 200aed extra the first time, and I wouldn’t have been confused about not seeing any difference after the first session? All this lack of information, and then the lie about informing me, gives me a very unprofessional impression of this clinic. And I will continue my sessions somewhere else.

    ess sh
    February 23, 2024

    I did about 8-9 sessions of pico laser and I got excellent results. The only thing I want to give my opinion on and I hope the manager team can think about it is offering installment plan. Last time I checked with them they said you can use only if you pay 3000aed or more, and this is with all due respect not helping any of us. For example now I have been delaying my appointment and canceling it just because I don't have the full amount, and i am searchinf for other clinic and surprisingly i found cheaper options for the same treatment. even though I really need to finish with my treatment plan as soon as possible in the same clinic with the same doctor but they are not helping in any way. I really wish you can consider this, especially for your customers who already paid a lot and have been a loyal for two years.

    A. M.
    February 11, 2023

    Hungry for money people. I have been getting treated in this clinic few times and each time they try to do more treatments than I actually need. At the beginning I was trying to be more understanding and let it go. However this time I told them please do only 1 treatment yet they ended up charging me for more. The price is never discussed before treatment, so more they do, more they charge you. Be careful and watch out in this place. Even when I said about my dissatisfaction, they were looking in my eyes and saying “it is what it is”. And charged me for more procedures than what I have done.

    Euromed Clinic

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    Euromed Medical Clinic - Beach Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Best Medical Clinic In UAE


    Providing a truly unique patient experience, Euromed Clinic Center on Jumeirah Beach Road offers you a single destination for all your healthcare and aesthetic needs.

    Since its opening in Feb 2010, Euromed Clinic has provided the latest medical, dental, psychological, and cosmetic services all under one roof. Our highly qualified doctors adopt a holistic approach, meaning your body and mind are in the very best hands.

    With our focus on family wellbeing, we offer a lifelong health service to all your family members. From fertility treatment and pregnancy, pediatrics, dentistry, screening, mental health to obstetrics, you will receive world-class treatments from medical professionals in our state-of-the-art clinic.

    The patient is always at the very center of what we do. Our streamlined administration process makes everything easy, from insurance to appointments. The range of services we offer ensures that all your healthcare needs can be accommodated in one luxury location where our team will get to know you and your family as people, not just patients.

    Whatever your healthcare needs are, our expert team of doctors, nurses, and technicians are committed to working towards your optimal wellness. You can explore our website to see what Euromed Clinic can do for you.

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