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Dubai - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 - Dubai

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Online supplier of organic and fresh foods from warehouse to customers' doorstep.

    Saood Alrais
    January 19, 2024

    Unfortunately I’m writing bad remark since I’m regular customer and I did multiple orders last few years. The delivery time is very good but unfortunately yesterday I ordered vegetables and I paid extra for express delivery but I received nothing. After calling Mona customer service she told me in the mail they mention next day delivery. The question is why in the web site it’s written express deliver within 2 hours or why you take extra money if you don’t achieve what you state

    Mohamed Moustafa
    April 11, 2024

    Very poor experience … they charged me AED 8 extra for express delivery and never delivered my order … bad experience it recommended

    Zeynep Mance
    December 02, 2023

    I ordered this morning with the promise of 2-hour express delivery, but it's now been over 4.5 hours and my order hasn't arrived. Despite reaching out to customer service twice, I was left on hold for more than 30 minutes each time. They offered a meager 8 AED refund, which is hardly satisfactory. The delay, now extending to 4 hours, is immensely frustrating. It's disappointing when companies advertise express delivery and functional tracking services but fail to deliver on those promises. My guests are awaiting their food, and this delay, caused by Kibsons' inefficiency, has put me in a very uncomfortable situation. If fulfilling a 2-hour delivery commitment isn't feasible, customers should be informed about this upfront, especially when there's an extra charge for this service.

    Katrina M
    January 05, 2024

    The worst customer service I've experienced in UAE.. And that's saying a lot. For the same price Casinetto and Carni Store have reliable and on time delivery, QUICK replies from customer service and the same high quality organic food. I guess these guys had a monopoly in the market for a while which is why they don't seem to care about getting back to customers. Shame as I was quite loyal!

    Veronica Fabiani
    January 16, 2024

    I want to share my experience about the most awful store with unreasonable prices. Month ago I ordered Christmas tree on several day and time. At once I have a question to Kibsons: why do you add this option, if every time i ordered smth, I had headache for receiving it on time, taking into account that the prices are higher than everywhere in UAE! After all, I gave a second chance and decided to arrange Christmas tree picking up. Im not even mentioning that the ‘recycling service’ for Christmas tree is payable only in Kibsons, and the time range for picking up is from 5-9p.m, seriously?! while it should be maximum 1-2 hour range when you pay for the delivery! Ok. But the icing on the cake is the fact that they didn’t come even at 9. I was pissed off! I spent half of my weekend waiting for the driver who wouldn’t come!!! No one contacted me. No one notified regarding the delay. Finally, the driver came 40 minutes after the latest arranged time. Of course, there was no one at home, cause we were still waiting for 4 hours already on Sunday. He promised to come next day, and guess what? No one came! No apologizes. No complimentary gifts. Nothing! Thank you, Kibsons, for at least 2 days of broken plans! WORST SERVICE AND GROCERY IN THE WORLD.

    Kibsons HQ

    Our Address

    Dubai - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 - Dubai

    Revolutionising Online Grocery Shopping

    A Comprehensive Online Grocery Store Kibsons is a pioneering online grocery store, offering an extensive range of fresh and quality products. Their offerings encompass fresh groceries, a variety of fruits and vegetables, hormone-free meats, organic foods, and fresh flowers. This diverse range of products caters to the evolving needs of modern consumers, who seek convenience without compromising on quality. Kibsons’ commitment to providing fresh deliveries from farm to kitchen underscores their dedication to freshness and quality, ensuring that customers receive the best products directly at their doorstep.

    Emphasis on Quality and Freshness At the core of Kibsons’ business philosophy is an unwavering commitment to quality and freshness. Understanding the importance of healthy and safe food, they ensure that their products, especially meats, are hormone-free and adhere to the highest standards of safety and nutrition. This focus on quality extends to their selection of fruits and vegetables, sourced to provide the freshest and most nutritious options to their customers.

    Innovative and efficient Kibsons distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to online grocery shopping. Their user-friendly website and efficient delivery system are designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, making grocery shopping convenient and hassle-free. Their service starts with ease of navigating their online platform  and ends with prompt and reliable delivery of products.

    Kibsons is redefining the landscape of online grocery shopping with its focus on quality, freshness, and customer convenience. Their extensive range of products, commitment to providing hormone-free and organic options, and innovative approach to customer service make them a leading choice for online grocery shopping.

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