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About LitePros

Litepros is a distinguished provider of lighting solutions in Dubai, known for its extensive experience, commitment to quality and safety, and a customer-centric approach.

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    LitePros Is The Best Lighting Company In UAE


    Who We Are
    Litepros, with its 30 years of rich experience in the lighting industry, stands as one of the pioneers in Dubai’s lighting scene. The company prides itself on its deep-rooted passion for lighting, which is evident in its continuous strive for excellence across all its brands. Integrity, reliability, and performance are the core values that drive every aspect of Litepros’ business operations.

    What We Do
    Litepros specializes in a comprehensive range of lighting solutions, from LED fixtures to fiber optics, and submersible fixtures to downlights. Their approach to project management is team-oriented, ensuring that every customer’s needs and requirements are meticulously met. The process involves a seamless transition from knowledgeable sales staff to an experienced operations team, which includes a project manager and a lead project supervisor for effective on-site and administrative operations.

    Quality and Safety Commitment
    Quality control is a paramount aspect of Litepros’ service delivery. The company boasts extensive design, CAD, and fabrication departments, overseen by an engineering manager and a team of designers and draftsmen. Additionally, a dedicated Quality Control specialist ensures that all systems are thoroughly tested and approved before installation. Health and safety are also given top priority, with strict internal policies and ongoing awareness training to ensure a safe working environment for both staff and clients.

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