Pet Mart

Pet MartุŒ WH5, Al Merdas Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

About Pet Mart

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Pet Mart stands out as a comprehensive pet care destination in Dubai, offering a wide range of quality products and expert advice.

    March 20, 2024

    It is the best pet shop and there behavior very sweet they are very helpful

    Milad Boostani
    February 12, 2024

    They cant even provide you with a tax invoice.

    Zqeek Reviews
    May 29, 2022

    Veterinarian service is good but Pet Mart inside is different. First day, the staff and their manager r not trying to negotiate with customer at all. Because of I purchased under 250 aed, so I canโ€™t get a discount on the engrave name tag. I came back next day with a purchase of 1,300 aed in 1 transaction, so now the manager gave me 2 free name tags. With the customer service I think this should be improve. You will never know when the customer will come back and repurchase. You canโ€™t expect or look down on your customer. I hope this will not be happen again with other customer.

    Anahita Zamanian
    December 31, 2019

    New Managment team is really unprofessional and rude. I am with PetMart for last 3 years and previus staff and owner which I knew before were perfect and friendly, the groomers also were professional. However management changed and since then the deal we had for 3 years canceled suddenly. Today my dog had schedule a grooming same as last 3 years for every week, they wanted the money before taking him not when they bring him back home and just because I was sick and couldn't wake up to pay them money, they refuse to pick up my dog and driver just left!!! I called tham and I found out there is a new manager there who wanted to call me and inform me about the infection my dog had with his ears last month and she actually said I am not taking care of my dog and she knows better than me; the fact is that my dog is with me and i have been taking care of him for the last 15 years, and she tried to push me to use their own clinic not my own dog's DR. after I explained everything she actually wanted me to put my dog's life at risk....really unprofessional and bad behaviour towards an old client!!!!

    Joyce Ghanem
    November 24, 2018

    Dr sohail is the best! Came for our first consultation gave us all the honest siggestions. You feel he is so real and care so much! Would recommend him to everyone!!

    Pet Mart

    Our Address

    Pet MartุŒ WH5, Al Merdas Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Best Pet Grooming Shop In UAE


    Pet Mart, located in Dubai, UAE, is a premier destination for pet owners seeking high-quality pet products and services. Established by Dr. Soheyl Simaei, a licensed veterinarian surgeon, Pet Mart offers a wide range of pet supplies, food, toys, and accessories, making it a true paradise for pets and their owners.

    Products and Services
    Extensive Range of Pet Supplies: Pet Mart provides a vast selection of pet products from top global suppliers. This includes a variety of pet foods for dogs and cats, including brands like Royal Canin, Hills, Happy Cat, and Happy Dog, ensuring the nutritional needs of pets are met. Quality Pet Accessories: The store offers an array of pet accessories, toys, and grooming products, catering to the diverse needs of different pets.

    Expert Assistance and Care
    Pet Mart prides itself on its team of pet care experts who are not only specifically trained in pet care but are also true animal lovers. Whether customers are new pet owners or experienced, the team at Pet Mart is equipped to assist them in making the best choices for their pets. Strategically located next to Noble Veterinary Clinic, Pet Mart ensures that medical services are readily available for pets in need. This proximity to a high-quality veterinary clinic adds an extra layer of reassurance for pet owners.


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