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A safe drive is important but your car must also be driven with elegance!

    Jeremy Higgs
    June 04, 2024

    TLDR: their drivers are fine, but their customer service (whoever is on their WhatsApp account) is temperamental. I entered into a monthly agreement with this company to provide a driver for my family and I. We were very happy with the driver that was assigned to us (Mohsin), as he was reliable, a competent driver and courteous. One day, we were informed that he was sick and a replacement was sent. After a few days, when I inquired about whether Mohsin was better and when he would be returning, I was told that his visa was expiring and that he wouldn't be returning. My reply was that as we had a regular driver and a relationship, we should have been informed as a courtesy. Over the next few days, their customer service rep said to me a few times how they don't need to inform me if the regular driver is being changed. To which I said it's a bad customer experience if the regular driver (with whom there has been a rapport, and routes and routines are familiar) is suddenly switched out without warning. After a back and forth over this today, I've now been informed that after a "meeting with management", "unfortunately from tomorrow we are unable to provide you services". What a lovely experience!

    Muhammad Naveed
    December 16, 2022

    They are very professional team I tried almost all from Dubai but these guys are doing best job the staffs is polite and so helpful !

    August 06, 2023

    Unprofessional company!! I order a driver and tell him to wait me. After 2 hours I texted that I’m going out no one was replying I called 9 times ofc no reply…. When I went out my car wasn’t there… I started to panic valet guy told me he went away… after some time I saw my car… I went inside and found out that their driver was eating pizza in my new Range Rover masonry 2023… even I don’t let myself eat in a car but guy decided to cruise around a palm and eat pizza… horrible!!! The owner said he wasn’t replying cuz I felt asleep… just to mention in a website they write working hours 24/7 …. Never ever will use their services again 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    Christopher Karam
    July 10, 2022

    They were very good,but unfortunately our last experience was extremely disappointing.. They accused us of keeping the driver outside in the heat, which is completely false. We asked him to switch off the car when not using it and he could easily wait in the Mall we are visiting or in the lobby of the building. They obviously don’t care about the environment if they expected us to simply keep him in the car the whole day while it was running. He was free to go anywhere, sit anywhere, but our simple request was the switch off the car when not using it and to go anywhere where there is A/C. After three years of using their service we have unfortunately let them go and have moved on to another company.

    Gareth Lewis
    March 29, 2021

    This was the first time I had used a safe driver service and I am glad I chose Professional Safe Driver, as the driver arrived in good time and advised us when he had arrived and he waited happily until the booked time for us to arrive at the car. He was friendly, polite and professional and drove my car home in a safe, careful and responsible manner. I cannot make a comparison with any of the other safe driver companies in Dubai, but on my first experience with Professional Safe Driver, I would happily use them again, without considering any of their competition and would recommend them on the basis of my first experience. I also thought that their rates are great value when you compare the alternative of getting a taxi, or Careem both ways, or having to return to collect your car the following day from where you left it.

    Professional Safe Drivers

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    Safe Driver Dubai | Professional Safe Driver | Drivers for Hire - United Arab Emirates

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    Driving in UAE can be hectic, especially during busy hours, to solve this problem we provide you with some of the most professional and safe drivers in Dubai. Our drivers are well equipped and trained to safely get you to your destination without any hassle. You will be provided with your personal chauffeur for any trips you need to make, no matter how far or long. Some of the common trips our professional Safe Drivers are hired. Hire A Driver Dubai for are to/from hotels, airports, bars and pubs, city tours, or just a simple cab service.

    The best way to commute and avoid the rash and risky driving in Dubai is to let one of our safer drivers take the wheel. We guarantee you a safe and smooth ride with the most polite and Professional Safe Drivers. We excel in providing you with the best in class drivers with years of experience of the UAE roads. You only need to tell us, I need driver in Dubai where to go and we get you to your destination safe and secure.

    According to our regular clients we offer the safest form of transport in UAE. We strive for efficiency and effectiveness because we know how valuable time is. With the changing times and the increase of car expenses in the UAE, it can be difficult to commute everywhere. You might have to pay for parking or risk getting a ticket somewhere. These common problems can be solved by hiring a professional safe driver in Dubai.

    Hire a professional safe driver in Dubai with a click of a button. Our drivers know the ins and outs of the city of Dubai and will drive you wherever you would like to go or whenever you need it.

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