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    ali seto
    September 05, 2022

    If you are trying to find reasons not to use their service, this is one, and I'll make it short. TV was broken during the move-out. Had to wait for two weeks for them to finally came back to me after so many messages and calls. When you finally got a hold of the "owner", he refused to be held responsible and also shouted and showed no respect. I only used them because their price was the lowest in the market. But don't be fooled. That little saving you are trying to make can be your most significant cost! Not to mention time wasted and the headache caused!

    Mazen Aman
    August 29, 2022

    Moving is a big hassle and headache for all but certainly from experience hiring SA MOVERS to do the job is extremely helpful and hassle-free. Many thanks for the professional and friendly team.

    Mert Ercekin
    April 29, 2021

    The worst experience I've ever had in my life. They carried my house beautifully. When I came to my new house, I saw that my TV was broken. Since this is a normal thing, I wanted to solve this situation without fighting with them. And I believed it. They then didn't do this while waiting for them to change the TV. The person who calls himself the owner of the SA mover has offered to pay me 1600 AED in total for a television with 3000 AED in the market. You may have had an accident, pay me a little more, then I said I will complete this headache. This person, who always speaks rude on the phone, will constantly yell at you and test your patience. He will allow you to give up your money by fighting with the customers and wanting to make you bored. This bad company, which produces new solutions every day for an issue that will be resolved in a very short time. This is the best company to test your patience (!). If you want decent service and customer support, please stay away from these friends. NOTE: Everyday will update here when i will receive my money back. Replied to the company's response: 1-The invoice has been sent to you. 2- This is not my responsibility. It is your responsibility to investigate or not. There is a real television and it is broken by you. 3- The gentleman talking to me on the phone did not insult me. Likewise, I did not insult that gentleman in any way. But if the gentleman in front of him constantly makes speeches such as "listen to me" or "I am not a magician, I will create a television" or "I said I will say", we may lose our patience and raise our voice after a certain point as a customer. 4- Please take and use the television that is broken in the photo. I would like the same TV that I gave you intact. I did not tell anything the labors, I spoke with only the " owner" of company!

    Fares Ghandour
    June 18, 2020

    You really need to be on top of them as they pack and unpack, they're reckless. - took 2 days instead of 1, which was a huge hassle for me - damaged items and unprofessionally packed - missing an iron - no one picks up the phone when I was in the middle of the crisis with them. No regard for the customer, not even a call to apologize or make up for it. EDIT in response to the company's response: - The new flat is 4 bedrooms, not 2. And no, it's not acceptable to leave half the items unpacked, some damaged, some missing. - Moving plans did not change, no items that were meant for export were then moved by the team, the surveyors didn't do a thorough job. - I would never prevent anyone from eating lunch. I told them to each lunch in rotation so that we all save time. And they did exactly that. Watch your acquisitions. - Any box that is packed by the customer is clearly marked by your team as packed by the customer on the tape. That is clearly not that case with the box mentioned. In any case, not a smooth move at ALL.

    Łukasz Sosna
    July 02, 2022

    Best moving company- well recommended . Great support and coordination from start (ms Mardy) to the end (quick move out/ in by super Team).

    SA Movers and Packers Dubai

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