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20th Floor - Cluster A - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai

About ZENITHR Intelligent Solutions

ZENITHR offers a range of software tools and services that are designed to foster a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and drive innovation.

    ZENITHR Intelligent Solutions

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    20th Floor - Cluster A - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai

    Overview of ZENITHR

    Introduction ZENITHR is an innovative HR intelligence solution that specialises in transforming workforce data into actionable insights. With a focus on enhancing employee experiences, ZENITHR offers a range of tools and services designed to foster a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and drive innovation.

    Employee Experience Platform At the core of ZENITHR’s offerings is its Employee Experience Platform. This platform is designed to convert employees’ thoughts and feedback into actionable plans, thereby building a more positive and productive work environment. It emphasizes the importance of a successful culture in enabling a successful employee experience.

    Key Services

    1. Employee Onboarding: The platform provides tools to gather feedback from new hires, helping organisations to improve their onboarding strategies.
    2. Employee Engagement: Solutions to enhance employee engagement by identifying and utilising the right engagement drivers to create a motivated and supportive workplace.
    3. Employee Happiness: Tools focus on improving employees’ emotional, physical, and social well-being, motivating them to achieve business objectives.
    4. Employee Well-being: The platform also offers strategies for employee well-being, helping companies retain, engage, and inspire their workforce.
    5. Employee Exit: To reduce employee turnover and retain talent, ZENITHR provides tools for conducting exit surveys.
    6. 360° and 180° Feedback: Comprehensive feedback tools, including 360° and 180° feedback assessments to guide employees towards improvement and help develop effective leaders and teams.

    Why Choose ZENITHR? ZENITHR stands out for its scientific approach to employee experience management. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, real-time insights, advanced analysis, and customizable surveys and assessments. It supports multiple languages and provides downloadable reports, making it a versatile tool for global organizations.

    Testimonials and Endorsements ZENITHR has received positive feedback from various HR professionals and company leaders.

    ZENITHR is a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to improve their employee experience and overall business performance.

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