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25 December 2021

Business In Dubai

One of the character traits of an adept business person or entrepreneur is the ability to spot a business opportunity and taking full advantage of it as you aim to grow your business and profit margins. Among the factors that can make a business succeed is the location it based. When it comes to business, there no better place to establish your business than Dubai! In fact, Dubai is among the top 5 cities favoured by foreign investors – the other cities include; Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York. What’s more, the Dubai government has openly shown support for businesses both locally and internationally and provides the economic and political environments for businesses to thrive.

Not convinced if Dubai is the right place for business? Here are reasons why Dubai is great choice for business in this modern world:

Safety & Security

The main priority for any business owner should be the safety and security of their target market, employees and their business. Your business cannot succeed when the safety of these key groups is put in jeopardy. Dubai is for the most part a crime-free city, recording the smallest crime rates than other places in the Emirates. Incidences of violent criminal actions seldom occur in Dubai, meaning your enterprise and the people that support your business will feel secure when they’re in your premises. This is largely what makes Dubai a perfect place to set up a business.

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Commercial Capital

Dubai has been recognised as a stable commercial capital in the UAE. The success of the city is attributed to its business hubs and effective regional trade. According to a survey conducted on Global Businesses, Dubai ranks 15. The city has a flourishing retail and commercial lead along with a stable financial sector, low-tax business deals, and well-connected transportation system.


Compared to other countries, Dubai is strategically positioned between the east and west thereby linking international trade in the Middle East and Europe. Dubai is also considered as the entryway to the world’s most industrialised markets, and is positioned at the centre of the India, Africa and Asia triangle. This has in turn enabled access to trade, easy connections, and opportunities for business networking as it provides businesses with a range of potential target markets.

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Transport & Logistics

With regard to the state of Logistics and transportation, Dubai provides convenience, affordability, and comfort for citizens and visitors all the same. Transportations and the logistical aspect of things will play a crucial factor in bolstering your business in Dubai. Here’s how this aspect may influence your business.


Dubai provides a plethora of amenities when it comes to air cargo and air transportation – all brought up-to-date with the latest technology to make processes efficient. Dubai’s international airport is home to the planet’s biggest cargo hub referred to as cargo village. Dubai World Central, which is Dubai’s International airport is part of the 6 clustered zones – commercial city, residential city, Dubai logistic city, the golf city, and aviation. With regard to logistics, travel, and air tourism for business enthusiasts, Dubai is definitely the best city!


Dubai’s Jebel Ali port id the biggest port in the Middle East. It’s regarded as the largest container port in the planet. As a result of its strategical placement, the port offers market access and logistical support to more than 2.5 billion potential consumers across 6 continents. So, if you want to base your business on market systems, Dubai will for sure provide you with loads of opportunities if you are looking to expound your market base to other countries.


Dubai features one of the top road systems in the globe. In general, the UAE is 2nd best when it comes to road quality. The roads in Dubai are wide with disciplined traffic and high-tech monitoring and security systems to facilitate easy movement from one place to another. What’s more, Dubai features the biggest automated train system in the world. The government always ensures that road development is top-notch

The transportation systems make connections to industrial and other popular trade zones easier to access, which is good news for entrepreneurs looking to reach different target markets.

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No Income Taxes

The best part about Dubai is that it has an income tax-free economy. This means that an individual’s income isn’t subject to taxation. Therefore, persons who make investments in the country aren’t required to pay something to the Dubai government in form of tax. The recently introduced VAT, originally set at 5%, is limited to certain goods and services.

Final Word

From the information provided above, you can see that Dubai has really grown into itself as a booming business hub in this modern world. For this reason, if you’re a potential business investor, you should really think about setting up your business enterprise here. Dubai is among the most connected cities in the planet, and provides suitable conditions for any business to thrive.

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